Online High School Math Tutor

I’m Luca, an online high school math tutor
originally from Rochester, NY

(Can also tutor all levels of math from elementary to graduate school)

Call or Text: 585-957-8547

Relaxed &

10 Years Experience
I've tutored over 100 students so far!
Building Confidence
I love to help students who feel like they've fallen behind to fill in the missing gaps.
Strong math background
I'm a Stanford Grad and have scored 800 on the math SAT and 760 on the GMAT

About Luca

Are you feeling lost, that the teacher goes too fast, or just that you struggle with math in general?

I’ve been tutoring for 10 years now, and what I’ve found from experience is that everyone needs something different. Some students have issues with the teacher, some have issues with test taking, some have issues with “number sense”…..the list goes on and on.

I really dive down and understand the underlying core cause of the issue and don’t use a cookie-cutter one size fits all approach to tutoring!

I also understand that a large part of tutoring deals with an emotional aspect. I try to connect and empathize with students for the best results.